The Ultimate Sacroiliac Belt – SI Belt – Pelvic Belt Resource Site

The Ultimate Sacroiliac Belt – SI Belt – Pelvic Belt Resource Site

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Sacroiliac Belt – Support in All the Right Places



A Sacroiliac Belt (also known as a Pelvic Belt or SI Belt) is a device to support the lower spine, or sacrum even while you do housework, sit at a computer, walk around the mall, or run errands.



The Sacroiliac Belt solution


Millions of people suffer from back pain every year.

Though the cause of back pain can be varied – from a car accident, a sports injury, an unexpected fall from a relatively high place (even a few feet can do damage to the spine and muscles surrounding the SI joint), or even just over-use due to a job which requires consistent lifting, constant sitting at a desk or requires you to stand for more than eight hours a day can do damage to the spine.

Ruling out a slipped or bulging disk is a great way to start, but even then, if you visit a doctor or chiropractor, they can charge you through the nose to try to alleviate your pain.

There is a better way to relieve lower back pain, hip pain and even radiating pain into the knee and shoulder joints due to SI stress or injury.

A sacroiliac belt helps to support the Si joint so that it can heal properly.

One of the most common ways people deal with back pain is to just grit their teeth and bare it, but this is simply not wise.

Some people experience pain that is severe enough that they seek medical help, but they are often sent home with pain pills or told that they will need surgery.

The truth is that almost any muscles and joint system can heal itself, if you give it the right atmosphere to support that healing.

If your lower back is already stressed or strained, it needs support to take some of the burden away. It works all day every day to help you sit and stand, and to support the legs form the lower back and hips where the SI connects to the bones and muscles in the pelvis, both anteriorly and posteriorly.

If you simply wear a sacroiliac belt from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, you can tremendously decrease the work-load on your spine and the SI joint, allowing it to begin to heal.

If you add a little gentle yoga and elevate your legs above the heart at the end of each day, in addition to wearing your sacroiliac belt, you can expect to see even greater progress.

You don’t have to live with lower back pain. Many people get so used to feeling low-level pain that they function with an injured or strained SI joint for years, until they finally push it too far and cause other back problems that really will require surgery or pain pills to correct.

Instead of suffering through the pain, you can try wearing an adjustable belt, originally made by chiropractors to help with the very same issue you are suffering from.

Be kind to your spine, and support it with this simple device called a sacroiliac belt, so that you can heal instead of further straining your SI joint.


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